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Take Your Project Management Skills to the Next  Level With MS Project Training Perth

Microsoft Project Group Training

Would you like to:

  • Plan projects in detail and have better control over them?
  • Build dynamic project schedule models and increase your profits?
  • Track project progress using an organized layout?
  • Update project statuses and generate professional reports?
  • Offer more value for your business and clients?
  • Master Microsoft Project

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Take our live 1-on-1 Face-to-Face and/or online MS Project Training Perth courses if you’re ready to achieve any of the above.

MS Project is perfect for creating different tasks based on the duration or effort they require. However, most users don’t know how Critical Path works or what Total Slack means. Why is this column missing from MS Project Default view, and how can I insert it?

This is where Fast Track Computer Solution’s instructor, Ivor, steps in . Ivor’s unique teaching method differs from 99% of other courses out there. At the beginning of our course, you are shown how to generate a Logic/Network Diagram. You will learn how to calculate the Critical Path yourself. This method is the only way to learn to use MS Project correctly.

You will also be shown the correct way to progress your schedule, a task which many beginner and novice users find confusing.

Who We Are

Fast Track Computer Solutions has been providing MS Project training for over thirty years. Our trainer, Ivor, has over five decades of project planning experience in the construction, engineering, mining, and oil & gas industries. Ivor has refined his MS Project skills over the decades and has designed optimized courses that have benefited thousands of people and organizations. His background as a Project Management Professional and Registered Building Practitioner has enabled him to apply his MS Project skills in the real world and understand which of this tool’s areas and features offer the most value for learners. Show off the PRO in your PROject planning skills by signing up for our classes today.

How We Can Help You

At Fast Track Computer Solutions, we are committed to providing high quality MS Project training Perth residents can count on. Some of the ways we can assist you include:

Getting Up to Speed With MS Project’s Features and Capabilities

Our very Unique Training Method

MS Project is a powerful tool that allows you to manage many aspects of your project. Our training is designed to get you up to speed with this software’s various features and capabilities so that you can offer more value for your business and operations. You will be able to create your project, sort through different tasks, and allocate project resources swiftly and independently once you have completed your training under Ivor.

Finding Assistance With Your Existing Project Schedule

If you’re in a rush to create a project schedule with MS Project before your training is complete, don’t worry! Ivor will help you build your project schedule as part of your training and will offer assistance and advice on how to optimize it to align with your goals.

Learning MS Project at a Suitable Pace

We don’t overload you with lengthy training lessons because we understand the busy schedules that working professionals have. In addition to this, Ivor has discovered that trainees learn and retain the most information when it is broken up into three hour long chunks. For this reason, we have limited each session to three hours in length and offer them on different days of the week. This ensures you can learn MS Project at a suitable pace that also fits into your schedule.

What Makes Us Different

Fast Track Computer Solutions stands out from other MS Project training programs for the following reasons:

Live Online Training in One-On-One or Group Settings

We offer live face-to-face training and would like to become more proficient with MS Project. We have chosen this live training approach instead of providing pre-recorded online video courses that other trainers provide for the advantages it offers.

For example, our training allows you to ask your instructor, Ivor, for clarification on different software features and techniques. He can provide different examples that help you understand concepts more easily and how they can be applied to your existing project.

You can also choose between one-on-one courses with Ivor or learning in a group setting depending on the learning environment you prefer.

Tailored Courses

At Fast Track Computer Solutions, we understand that one-size-fit-all approaches don’t work because everyone has different needs and learning capabilities. This is why we tailor our MS Project courses depending on your requirements. Ivor customizes his courses for you to ensure you are up-to-speed with MS Project basics before tackling more advanced features. This approach has helped thousands of people who initially weren’t sure they would be able to become proficient with MS Project.

What Our MS Project Training Perth Course Units Include:

Ivor has split MS Project training into the following three units

1st Unit

  • Intro to pert charts, logic network diagrams and critical path calculation.
  • Ivor’s rules, task types and lag supplemented with manual exercise.
  • Setting up your first project in MS Project using milestones, predecessors and successors.

2nd Unit

  • Setting up calendars and working time.
  • Setting up timescales.
  • Explaining the worksheet view and adding new fields.
  • Inserting total slack.
  • Adding task notes.
  • Inserting a text frame and pictures.
  • Demonstrating how to print Barcharts and perform scaling operations.
  • Viewing and printing the project Network Diagram.
  • Adding text fields.
  • Applying simple and custom filters.
  • Applying predefined filters.
  • Using summary tasks, rollups and work breakdown structures.
  • Revision Exercise: Generating another network diagram and setting up a project.
  • Using a new program as a sub-project to consolidate multiple schedules

3rd Unit

  • Understanding constraints and how to use them
  • Setting up a baseline.
  • How to perform progress reporting and viewing project completion percentages
  • Identifying and resolving the issues that may occur when reporting progress.
  • How to split a task.
  • How to carry out resource allocation.
  • How to perform resource leveling.
  • How to set up a cost tracking system
  • Generating and customising customising reports.

Why Choose Fast Track Computer Solutions’ MS Project Training Courses?

We provide high-quality MS Project training Perth professionals and organizations can count on. Ivor can help you become proficient with this tool and boost your project management skills in less than one week.

Our courses are designed to be flexible and fit into most professionals’ schedules. Allow us to help you hone your project management skills and create more value for your business and operations.

Some of the companies we have worked with since 1985:

BHP, Rio-Tinto, FMG, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac Bank, Austal Ships, Wellard Group, AngloGold, TAFE WA, Curtin University, University of WA, Alinta Energy, Trononx, Nilsen, Linfox Logistics, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Valoriza Water Australia,  Mimi Browse, Barrick Gold, Goldfields, Downer EDI, Newgen Power, DW Kolagow and Associates, CSIRO, Federal and State Government, Venues West, Gemini Accident Repair Centres, Radlink, Metwest Steel, South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, Main Roads WA, Chevron (Staff), Woodside (Staff), FLSmidth, Firesafe United Group, Montessori School, Sino Steel, Wesfarmers, Pathwest, Harry Perkins Research Institute, Successful Projects, Nemms JV, St. John’s Ambulance, Iluka Resources, Armadale Senior High School, Golder Associates, Monadelphous, Construction Training Fund, Peel Langauge Development School, Mizco, Wheelchairs for Kids, and many more.

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Bring out the PRO in your PROject Management skills with Fast Track Computer Solutions’ MS Project training courses.
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